Deepsky displays incorporate a comprehensive range of never-before-seen technological breakthroughs that transform the LED display landscape.

At Deepsky, high resolution is available in huge display sizes, in combination with the LED market’s most state-of-the-art surface treatment: expect the ultimate in terms of visibility and visual comfort, even in extremely bright environments.

The Deepsky advantage is not limited to viewing experience: the displays are also designed to be extremely easy to integrate and maintain.


Deepsky is changing the world of direct-LED displays with a revolution in the way the LED are integrated onscreen.

Deepsky uses Micro-LED chips, with the best power efficiency available, and directly connect them on the screen surface. This technique, also known as Chip On Board (COB), allows for the highest pixel density while ensuring a fantastic contrast and a solid screen surface.

Images have never been so sharp, color uniformity so perfect, viewing angles so wide.

With the top of the line P0.9mm VEGA product, the Micro-LED dots are spread in a Delta-Enhanced layout, a never-seen-before in the world of LED displays, to render what a video screen had never shown: image clarity and smoothness like so far only Nature could offer.


With Direct-LED technology, colours are almost as saturated as what your eyes can see.

Deepsky’s engineering team selected RGB Micro-LED chips that conform to exceptionally saturated colours, thus offering one of the most comprehensive colour gamut available on the market.

A Deepsky screen is always equipped to display your choice of colours accurately and complies with the latest UHDTV standards.

Colour uniformity is maintained over time through accurate calibration during the manufacturing process and real-time dynamic monitoring. This colour management allows you to enlarge your display even after years of operation: the new display panels will just naturally match the old ones.


When it comes to superior video display performance in bright environments, screen luminosity is key.
The high density of high performance MICRO-LED chips gives Deepsky screens the ability to achieve brightness levels 3 times higher than most high-resolution LED displays.

While most LED displays can appear greyish in bright ambient light, the screen surface of a Deepsky display remains darker than black paper, with a solid matt finish that minimises the reflections of ambient light.

To give you the best visual comfort in any environment, Deepsky introduces its TRUE HDR technology. In TRUE HDR mode, the global maximum brightness of your display is dynamically limited to 2,000 nits to match with your indoor environment. But locally, your image can reach extreme levels of brightness, as high as 6,000 nits, to offer the dynamics experienced in Natural conditions, and render light reflections, sunrays…

No other display technology offers the same visual comfort, with images that never looked so real.



Deepsky engineered a completely revolutionary video control chain – from video capture to LED dot control – bringing to LED displays the best of a modern video processing suite.

Connected to your media player, Deepsky’s advanced video processor is the powerful graphics workhouse that drives and monitors your display. It incorporates state-of-the-art video processing algorithms, including contents upscale and downscale, to get the most out of your screen, using your standard 2K or 4K video content.

As the quality of the electrical signal that drives each of your LED is key to the display quality and the screen’s life expectancy, Deepsky developed a revolutionary LED driving solution that ensures fantastic image stability over the display surface and time. The heart of this technology is the IC LED driver Deepsky has engineered. It enables the highest levels of pixel density, with fantastic colour and brightness uniformity, HDR Ready greyscale resolution, fewer components and best power efficiency.


The only active elements on your Deepsky display are the LED modules: display elements of 216 x 108 mm that embed the Deepsky’s technological breakthrough.

The modules are super robust: fully sealed IP65 rating to cope with water and dust, with a smooth and solid surface that viewers won’t damage when they touch it. They don’t even have connectors as power and data are transmitted in the safest way possible with no wires.

The modules are assembled on large aluminium panels that couldn’t be assembled faster on your wall.

All other items are integrated remotely: power and data racks are conveniently located tens of meters away from the display in a technical room, allowing for the simplest installation and maintenance, while removing generated heat on the screen surface.

Made for all environments

The Deepsky LED modules are manufactured with the market’s most efficient LED dies to increase both screen brightness and service life. The screen comes with redundant power supplies, stiff mechanical structures and rugged electronics to capably handle the most demanding of environments.

When you invest in a Deepsky LED display, you are choosing the best image quality, but also the simplest solution to install and maintain.

Hot Plug

Deepsky’s engineering teams wanted to build the most reliable LED display tiles ever made, and they made it.
To ensure the highest reliability rate on the power and data distribution, they first got rid of the thousands of weak connectors that distribute power and video data to every building block of the scren. Now data and power are distributed to each LED module with super reliable wireless technologies.
It allows for the simplest installation and maintenance possible, with LED module that can be hot plugged onscreen.


The novel electronic design of Deepsky’s screen modules, which embed the revolutionary IC LED driver Deepsky has engineered, brings to the world of Super-Large Format Video display a level of reliability so far never experienced in that field.

Even with high brightness capabilities, the electric stress on the LED chips never reaches levels higher than only a fourth compared to conventional LED displays, ensuring long life time with great visual quality and minimum maintenance.


High Brightness


Extended Life Expectancy


Environmental concerns are a top priority for the Deepsky team, and all developments are made with the aim of curbing carbon emissions at every step, from manufacturing to end user recycling, as well as reducing energy consumption.

Deepsky screen power distribution architecture includes dedicated voltage rails to perfectly match the different voltage requirements, which minimizes power losses.

Deepsky screens incorporate an advanced brightness control system based on photodiodes built into the entire screen surface, thus ensuring proper brightness settings for optimal power consumption.

The Deepsky screens are manufactured with some of the most efficient LEDs for video display currently available on the market.